The winter sports season may be coming to an end, but here in Minnesota, the winters are long. We still have a full month of snowboarding, skiing, skating, sledding, and, of course, hockey! Any winter sports enthusiast knows that sore muscles and a few bumps and bruises come with the territory. So, we turned to our resident expert, Megan, to hear about snowboarding and CBD, and to learn how CANVIVA CBD helps support all her winter sports adventures!

CANVIVA: How did you get involved in snowboarding?

Megan: I am a complete outdoor enthusiast. Winter, spring, summer, fall, you can catch me outside, snow or shine. I’ve been snowboarding since I was about 14. Exercising in the winter can be challenging because it is a constant battle with the weather. When it is nice enough to brave the cold, I love going to the terrain park to snowboard – it is a great way to get a workout and have some fun!

CANVIVA: For non-snowboarders can you tell us more about the terrain parks?

Megan: The terrain parks have rails, boxes and jumps for snowboarders to do different tricks and runs. Here in the Midwest, it’s more practical for me to snowboard the terrain park at local hills and resorts. I can raise my heart rate and get a full-body workout without having to stop and wait for a chairlift.

CANVIVA: That sounds really intense, you must be wiped out after a day at the park!

Megan: Yes, snowboarding (and skiing) require you to use your muscles differently for carving and balancing while going downhill. After a long day on the slopes my legs are exhausted, my whole body is a noodle from constantly riding and….um….sometimes taking a digger.

CANVIVA: Falling seems to go with the territory when it comes to most winter sports.

Megan: I do fall quite a bit since I am constantly learning and trying new tricks, and I bruise like a peach. Snow conditions also make a difference.

CANVIVA: How has CBD helped your snowboarding routine?

Megan: An ice bath or polar plunge could be one way to help with sore muscles and bruising, but I’d rather not jump into a frozen lake after a day of being out in the cold! I’d rather douse my body with CANVIVA’s RELIEVE CBD Roll-On. It is my favorite for sore muscles and all my friends love it too.

CANVIVA: Do you use the CBD roll-on after your workout?

Megan: I actually pre-roll my knees before going out to relieve any stiffness I may be feeling. When I am done for the day, reapplication is a must if I plan on being able to get out of bed the next morning! And I notice a real difference in my bruise healing time when I use the roll-on throughout the day. It helps with tenderness and the cooling kind of numbs the area.

CANVIVA: What other CBD products do you use?

Megan: I am cautious about what I put in my body, and rather than popping over-the-counter pain medication for my soreness, I prefer CBD tinctures. They are natural products that promote healing without dangerous side effects. I take CANVIVA RESTORE tincture, which has turmeric oil and ginger essential oil. It’s specifically designed to support muscles and joints and perfect for exercise-induced soreness, especially when paired with the RELIEVE roll-on. The pair is a must-have for snowboarders.

CANVIVA:  And as you know, our CBD Workout Bundle includes CANVIVA RELIEVE Roll-On and CANVIVA RESTORE CBD Oil Tincture with a savings of $20. We can’t wait to catch up with you later this year to hear about mountain biking and your other spring and summer adventures!

Megan: As much as I love the winters here in Minnesota, the spring and summer and fall are also amazing for outdoor sports, and CANVIVA’s CBD helps with those too!

Megan is Project Coordinator for CANVIVA. If you’ve ever called CANVIVA, chances are you talked to Megan. She lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota with her boyfriend and dog Indy.

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