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A Thank You Message from our Founder | CANVIVA

Happy Thanksgiving! This is Dave Rye, co-founder of CANVIVA. We hope that this holiday season provides you with ample time to spend together with your family. We understand that these past two years have been anything but normal. We all have faced many challenges and...

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CANVIVA CBD Tinctures And Chews For Your Pets

Have You Tried CANVIVA PURE PET CBD Tinctures and Chews? At CANVIVA we are animal lovers. But with that love comes both the joy of keeping a pet and the pain of watching them suffer from a multitude of health issues such as joint and muscle discomfort, nervousness...

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What Can CBD Roll-On Be Used For? CANVIVA SPORT CBD 600mg Roll-On for peak performance is perfect for both before and after exercise. It contains 600mg CBD, as well as Menthol (which provides an instant cooling effect to help reduce inflammation in over-worked muscles...

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Top CBD Company in Minnesota

CANVIVA is a local CBD company based in Minneapolis, MN. They believe in plant-based therapy solutions and are quickly establishing themselves as one of the top CBD companies in Minnesota and across the Midwest. The 2018 farm bill has drastically changed the playing...

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Sweet Tea With CBD

CANVIVA Sweet Tea with CBD is a refreshing treat. It’s perfect for a backyard barbeque, a gathering of friends and family, or anytime you want to cool down and chill out.     This recipe is made with CANVIVA SOLUBLE CBD  which is formulated for use in foods and...

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CBD May Help Your Pet During Fireworks

Fourth of July is a day filled with celebrations, gathering with friends and family, and fireworks.  However you choose to celebrate this day, be sure to make plans for your pet as well. Fireworks can be frightening and stressful for cats and dogs. There are many...

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Our Assurance of CBD Quality and Safety   

The quality and safety of our products is of highest importance to CANVIVA. Many companies make questionable claims about their CBD products, sell products that have not been third-party tested, or offer CBD that does not comply with federal requirements. Finding a...

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Can CBD Help Your Workout Recovery?

Top athletes from golfers to professional triathletes and hockey players are using CBD as part of their training regimen. Why are they using CBD? Can CBD help your workout recovery, even if you are not an athlete? CBD is not just for sports stars, it can benefit...

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 ALL PRODUCTS CONTAIN LESS THAN 0.3% THC AND ARE LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES. The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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