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REST To The Max

Everything you do, you’ll do better after a good night’s sleep.

Our REST PLUS Tincture contains 1000mg of CBG, 350mg CBD, and 150mg CBN isolate in a 30 mL bottle, providing 33mg of CBG, 12mg of CBD, and 5mg CBN per mL. It contains whole-plant, food-grade ethanol extracted, organic, PURE CERTIFIED CANNABINOIDS™ Oil and natural MCT Oil, with no added artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavorings. The addition of Hops creates a powerhouse blend that could help you achieve a restful night.

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HOW TO USE: Shake well before use. Draw the desired dosage (the suggested dose is one mL*) into the measured dropper. Place the desired dosage under the tongue and hold for 60 seconds or more before swallowing. Use once or twice daily. Individual results may vary. It may take up to two hours to feel the effect.

*Start with 1/2 the suggested dose and decrease or increase the amount to reach the desired effect.

CANVIVA+ REST PLUS 1500mg CBG/CBD/CBN blend oil tincture with Hops Extract contains whole-plant, food-grade ethanol extracted organic CBG, CBD, and CBN. Plus, it features the full spectrum of beneficial, naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp. 

CBG is known as the “Mother” cannabinoid or the “Stem Cell” cannabinoid. Although CBG is reported to offer considerable health and wellness potential on its own, it reportedly has the ability to enhance the effects of hemp-derived CBD products.

CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp reported to offer various therapeutic benefits.

CBN is often associated with aiding in sleep and relaxation. CBN may be able to help users fall asleep faster and improve their quality of sleep. We use isolate CBN in REST PLUS.

CANVIVA blends our PURE CERTIFIED CANNABINOIDS™ Oil with MCT oil, making it easier to metabolize. Our products do not add artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavorings.

  • 1000mg full spectrum CBG per 1oz/30mL bottle
  • 350mg full spectrum CBD per 1oz/30mL bottle
  • 150mg CBN isolate per 1oz/30mL bottle
  • Approximately 33mg full-spectrum CBG, 12mg full-spectrum CBD, and 5mg CBN isolate per 1mL serving
  • Blended with MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride oil extracted from coconut)
  • Contains <0.3% THC per bottle
  • Store in a cool, dark place
  • Keep out of children’s reach
  • This product is not for use in a vaporizer

INGREDIENTS: Natural MCT Oil, 1,000mg Organic CBG Oil (from 1,175mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract), 350mg Organic CBD Oil (from 500mg Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract), 150mg CBN Isolate, Hops Extract. Contains Coconut.

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CANVIVA makes all of our products with PURE CERTIFIED CANNABINOIDS™ derived from U.S.-grown organic industrial hemp. Solvent-free, free of pesticides and other impurities, and produced under strict manufacturing practices, each batch is third-party tested, so you can feel 100% confident that you are getting the highest quality products available anywhere.

1 review for REST PLUS, 1500mg CBG/CBD/CBN Blend

  1. Kathy Ashpole

    Kathy Ashpole

    I usually take 10mg of Melatonin nightly and just sleep okay. I’m already using CBD for inflammation and saw this product. The combination of CBD/CBG/CBN along with Hops Extract was intriguing. It took me a few nights to find my best dosage. Started with 1/4 dropper and didn’t notice a remarkable difference. The next night I took 3/4 dropper and slept extremely well. The following night I took 1/2 dropper–BINGO! The perfect dosage for the perfect night’s sleep.

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