How to Dose Tincture

CANVIVA wants to help you find the right dose of CBD that will work for your budget and benefits your body. We know finding relief from stress, pain, and increased sleep is important so we’re here until all hours of the night answering any questions or concerns about these products!

We will discuss the amount of CBD, CBG, and other minor cannabinoids inside each product. CANVIVA offers a variety of plant-based therapy options that range from 500 mg CBD to 5,000mg CBD/CBG blend for increased pain relief, stress reduction ,and insomnia. Our wellness products are designed for multiple customers depending on their needs -from entry level users right up to medical grade use cases. CANVIVA aims to serve all types people in need with plant based solutions

How to Take Tincture

Place your desired amount of CANVIVA CBD oil under your tongue. Try to leave it for at least one minute before swallowing, if possible leave the oil tincture in your mouth without swallowing so that the plant-based compounds can enter your bloodstream and provide targeted relief where you need it most.

We recommend using a pure certified oil from CANVIVA which is made from 100% organic hemp grown locally . The limited ingredient profile keeps toxins low while providing maximum benefits with no risk of side effects associated with other treatments on the market today. Store this product out of direct sunlight away from children , pets, and heat sources alike so that each drop remains fresh until used up completely

500 mg CBD

Our 500 mg full spectrum CBD oil provides 16mg per ml. We suggest this product for those who are just starting to use full spectrum hemp oil products that contain CBD. Experts suggest that it’s best to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it. This could mean starting with 20 to 40 mg a day. Our 500 mg CBD products would allow you to take a full dropper of CBD 2x daily and fit into this suggested range for beginners.  

The CBD tincture 500 mg products that we offer are specifically formulated with essential oils and terpenes to improve the effect and provide you targeted relief.

1500mg CBD

Have you ever wondered how much CBD is actually in the product that you use every day? The answer varies from brand to brand, but our 1500 mg Pure CBD Oil provides 50mg per ml. Our original 1,500 mg tincture was designed for those who are seeking a higher dosage because they find that more CBD is better for improving their daily lives. We suggest this product if you have conditions like focus and restlessness as well as anxiety and pain management needs.

5,000 mg CBD CBG Blend

Our 5000 mg CBD CBG oil provides 83 mg per ml of CBD and CBG. The 5,000 mg CBD product that we offer is called ULTRA because it is our highest offering of blended cannabinoids that provide an increased benefit to our medical grade tinctures that are seeking relief from pain caused by serious illnesses.  

Does CBD Get You High?

CANVIVA’s CBD oil tinctures contain less 0.3 percent THC which are made from industrial hemp plants and will not make you feel high. In fact, our bodies have an endocannabinoid system built into them so your body will actually find our cannabis tinctures to improve your overall well being without getting you high.

There are little to no side effects of using CANVIVA CBD products at the recommended doses. Studies show that humans can consume up to 1,500 mg of CBD without feeling negative side effects. That’s effectively an entire bottle of our Pure 1,500 mg CBD oil tincture.

Not intended to treat cure or prevent any disease. These products have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. We recommend talking to a doctor about any medical conditions

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