Minnetonka, Minnesota –  Initially motivated by the inability to find hand sanitizer products for their office and employees, CANVIVA CBD decided to formulate and produce an extra strength product to bring to their team and sell to the consumer market. The company is now expanding their focus and helping with the extreme shortage facing essential industries in the Upper Midwest.

The consumer shortage of hand sanitizer has been well publicized. That same shortage is impacting essential businesses that remain open to serve the public. Many of these businesses are struggling to find critical resources to protect their employees and the customers they interact with. CANVIVA’s goal is to provide as much hand sanitizer as possible to companies who are operating in essential industries throughout the region.

CANVIVA’s new product is now being used by employees in a leading regional day care company, health care facilities, grocery retailers, banks, and hardware stores. The company is also donating product to the ICA Food Shelf, a food pantry, for their employees and clients. CANVIVA co-founder, Dave Rye said, “We’re proud that our hand sanitizer will play a small role in keeping essential employees safe, as they perform their incredible service to all of us.”

Rye went on to explain how CANVIVA’s strategy has evolved, “While we initially planned to make product to help area retailers fill empty store shelves, we quickly learned that there was a major need for an effective extra strength hand sanitizer for employees in critical and essential industries. CANVIVA has teamed up with a number of local distributors who serve these essential businesses in addition to selling to companies directly. We want to get as much product to them as quickly as product is available. In many cases our employees are making deliveries directly. In the next two weeks we will have delivered 60,000 bottles – enough hand sanitizer for 6 million applications!”

The decision to develop and formulate the new product was an easy one for this Minnesota-based CBD business. CANVIVA’s senior Vice President, Kathy Ashpole, explained, “Since we make both topical and tincture CBD products, I knew hand sanitizer could be made using our current capabilities. Our manufacturing and packaging partners – based in Minnesota – were able to move extremely fast. It was just over a week from the time we decided to move on this opportunity until we saw the first production.”

CANVIVA wanted to produce the strongest and most effective product they could make. Alcohol level is one of the prime determinants of effectiveness, and they formulated their hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol, which is 12% more than many leading brands. The product also contains Jojoba, a natural moisturizer, to combat dry hands. Many sanitizers have a medicinal and chemical smell, so CANVIVA included Ginger and Lemongrass essential oils for a pleasant and refreshing scent.

Product Details
CANVIVA Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer – 12oz (354ml)
Contains 70% Alcohol – Extra Strength Formula
With Jojoba – A Natural Moisturizer – and Essential Oils of Ginger & Lemongrass
Made in U.S.A.
Does not contain Hemp/CBD

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