CANVIVA PET CBD Tincture 500mg

With CBD for pets in 500 mg bottles, you can be sure your pet will always have the calming effect it needs. CBD for pets will lessen joint pain, lower anxiety, and improve mobility.

Need help getting rid of that barking sound?

Just give them CANVIVA CBD Pure Pet Treats and Oil Tinctures and they will stop as soon as you turn away! Canine anxiety is a common issue among dogs owners today who are looking to find natural solutions without having medication

CBD for pets is a natural way to help your pup with their anxiety or insomnia. CBD products have been proven in clinical trials as effective, safe treatments that work quickly–and they’re tasty too! You can buy 500 mg bottles of our liquid oil extract which tastes great and smells better than raw hemp plants (which might be all you need). Learn more about full spectrum tinctures here.


How to Take Tincture / CANVIVA CBD 500 mg Tincture

Picking up a bottle of CBD for the first time can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Follow these simple steps below to get started with taking it properly and enjoy all its health benefits:

Figuring out the perfect CBD dose is a process of patience and experimentation. We recommend starting with just one dropper, then working your way up from there if needed (or see our chart below). It’s important that you keep track on how much this will affect each day so that when higher doses no longer provide noticeable differences in effect; then congratulations! You have finally found what works best for yourself as an individual – happy experimenting!!

CBD is a safe and natural alternative to medicine, without the side effects. It can be taken in sufficient doses with no long-term dangers even if you are taking it for treatment purposes! Your body will eventually build up enough that its benefits last longer than just one day but this should not discourage anyone from using them as part of their daily routine whether they have an immediate concern or not – being well always feels better than poorly ever does 🙂


Pure CBD Tincture

CANVIVA Pure CBD Tincture

CANVIVA Pure 1,500 mg CBD Tincture

CANVIVA is proud to carry the PURE CERTIFIED CANNABINOIDS seal on all of our products. Our certification goes beyond many other certification program standards. It is our guarantee, from soil to seed to extraction to certification to bottling, that our cannabinoid oils – CBG, CBD, and CBN – are tested for purity, quality, and safety.


CBD OIL Certification

We understand that quality assurance and product safety are critical to gaining your loyalty and earning your trust. With little regulation in the marketplace, this is more important than ever. Many brands claim to test their products but make it difficult to find these results, or worse yet, don’t make them available at all. We list all of our product test results on our COA (Certificates of Analysis) page.

Pure Certified Cannabinoids

Pure Certified CBD

CANVIVA quality CBD products contain less than 0.3 percent THC. Statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.

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