The mission of Essence One is to help others restore a healthy life through the use of natural products and to bring awareness to natural mental health therapies. At Essence One, we use U.S. grown organic PURE CERTIFIED CBD™ Oil and 100% pure essential oils – so you can trust we are only using safe, 100% natural ingredients in our products.

Essence One has partnered with CANVIVA to offer these high quality CBD products. These products will be shipped by Essence One, but the order will be processed by CANVIVA including credit card transactions/payment. If you are also ordering Essence One essential oil products that do not contain CBD, you will need to return to the Essence One Website to complete that order separately. NOTE: Coupon Codes cannot be applied to Essence One CBD orders.

If you have any questions about CANVIVA for Essence One products, please contact us.

CANVIVA for Essence One CBD products are distributed by Essence One Apothecary LLC.

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