Top athletes from golfers to professional triathletes and hockey players are using CBD as part of their training regimen. Why are they using CBD? Can CBD help your workout recovery, even if you are not an athlete?

CBD is not just for sports stars, it can benefit anyone who may need support for their muscles, joints or workout recovery. Since pro athletes depend on keeping their bodies at peak performance, they often have an edge when it comes to the latest techniques and information about maintaining their wellness. Here’s why so many of them are turning to CBD and why you may want to try it yourself.

Sore Muscles and Joints

One of the top reasons for using CBD is to help support aching muscles and joints.

When changing a workout or training routine, many report soreness a few days later. The soreness is caused by the body repairing torn muscle fibers that were exerted during the workout, thus increasing the size and mass of the muscle, building it up and making it stronger. Workouts break down the muscle, creating delayed onset muscle aches, lactic acid buildup, and even micro-damage to the muscles and joints.

If you experience sore muscles and joints after a workout, there are many things you may try to help including stretching major muscle groups, physical therapy, massages, and getting adequate rest.

The endocannabinoid system helps maintain overall balance in the body, including inflammation which contributes to muscle and joint pain. In our article, CBD And the Human Endocannabinoid System, you can learn more about the human endocannabinoid system (ECS), which affects everything from sleep, appetite, pain, inflammation, memory, mood, and focus. CBD taken orally or applied to your skin may help support your ECS.

RESTORE Workout Recovery

Helping Post-Workout Recovery 

You work hard to get results. Your body has to take time to re-coop and recover. As we age, our body tends to resist the intense, repetitive workouts and movements. Giving your body a day off will do wonders.

It is during these rest and recovery phases that the body is able to get stronger. A day off may include rest, stretching, gentle yoga, and foam rolling to keep your body active and mobile while giving it a rest from more intense workouts. Many athletes also use Infrared saunas, red light therapy, cryotherapy, or massage to restore their bodies and allow for recovery.

When your goal is recovery and rest, theendocannabinoid system plays an important role. The ECS is working to restore balance, and CBD may help.

The CANVIVA Workout Bundle is a perfect pair for workout recovery. The Bundle includes RESTORE CBD Oil Tincture and RELIEVE CBD Oil Roll-On Gel. RESTORE is enhanced with Turmeric Oil and Ginger Essential Oil, which complement the 500mg of CBD and may help with inflammation. RELIEVE contains 300mg of CBD along with Menthol, Arnica and Aloe, which help cool the surface where it is applied and may help with muscle tension or soreness.

For peak performance, CANVIVA offers a new SPORT CBD line. CANVIVA SPORT Extreme Tincture contains 2,500mg of CBD per bottle, and 83mg of CBD per 1 mL dose. CANVIVA SPORT Roll-On Gel with 600mg of CBD contains Menthol, Arnica and Aloe for cooling relief.

Whether you are just starting out with a new workout routine or you are a professional athlete, CANVIVA and CANVIVA SPORT CBD can help from the inside out or the outside in.

CBD Workout Bundle   

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