C4Life is now CANVIVA™

Your trusted, go-to brand, now offers a new line of CBD products including 10 functional tinctures.

CANVIVA™ – A Bold, Innovative New CBD Brand.

CANVIVA offers an innovative new line of CBD products, developed to support your well-being from head-to-toe. We have a bold new name, look, and product offering but CANVIVA is the same trusted, natural, pure, and effective CBD you have come to appreciate.

What’s changing:
  • CANVIVA offers the largest line of functional CBD tinctures in the industry.  Our 7 new tinctures are specially formulated with essential oils to provide added support for a variety of conditions.
  • Our product brand name CANVIVA was created to reflect our bold, new product line.
What stays the same:
  • All of our most popular products are still available with easy-to-read new labels. This includes our PURE and RESTORE tinctures and our SOOTHE balm. Our SERENITY tincture is still available in the exact same formula but is now called REST, and our COMFORT roll on pain gel is now called RELIEVE with no change to the formulation.
  • We are still the only brand to carry the PURE CERTIFIED CBD™ Oil seal which goes beyond industry standards for safety and quality.
  • Our mission and vision remain the same—to be the most recognizable and trusted CBD brand in the US, the go-to resource for inspiration, education, and the highest quality CBD products available.
What do I need to do?   
If you are following us on social media or subscribe to our email newsletter, you don’t need to change a thing, you will continue to receive our news, updates, announcements, and special offers!


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